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Student Welfare

Sturt Public School works very hard to promote the good behaviour of its students and we have many incentives for the "Good Kids".

¨ WOW cards are given out when children are noticed being kind, helpful or following school rules on their own initiative.  WOW cards  go into the WOW card box and a winner is drawn after lunch each day, (K-2, 3-4, 5-6).


                                    WOW cards

¨ RED cards are given out for consistent good behaviour, participation (including school representation) and citizenship.  These must be kept by the recipient and for every 3 RED cards, the children may return them to the Assistant Principal to get a GREEN card.  Once a student has 5 GREEN cards, these may be returned to the Assistant Principal who then organises a GOLD Card, and a school badge.  2 GOLD cards means a lunch of their choice (eg McDonalds) with the principal.


Red Card    Green Card   GOLD

 ¨ Merit certificates, RED cards, HOW2learn cards and Student of the Week awards are also given out at each Combined assembly.  Student of the Week is a prestigious award.  The student's photo is in the Newsletter and displayed in the Foyer for the term.  


Merit  How2Learn     SOW




Our CAGK program is an important part of our Student Welfare Program designed to reward students for good behaviour. Every 5 weeks, students participate in a special activity. These activities include a talent show, movies, a games afternoon and much more. Students who have not complied with school rules, spend this time completing social skills lessons or doing school service.