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Student Welfare


Sturt Public School works very hard to promote a culture of positive behaviour. There are many incentives for students displaying good citizenship.

  • WOW cards are given out when students are noticed being kind, helpful or following school rules on their own initiative. WOW cards go into the WOW card box and a winner is drawn regularly in each Stage (K-2, 3-4, 5-6). The prize is a free lunch or slushie from the canteen or other Stage based reward.
  • Merit certificates, HOW2learn cards and Outstanding Student awards are also given out at assemblies. Outstanding Student is a prestigious award. The student's photo is in the Bulletin and displayed in the foyer for the term.
  • Red Cards are purely designed to reward good behaviour, participation (including school representation) and citizenship. When students earn 3 red cards, they then hand them in to their Stage Assistant Principal. They are then presented with a Bronze Award at assembly. When a student has earned 3 Bronze Awards they hand them in to their Stage Assistant Principal who passes them on to the Principal. These students will be presented with a Silver Award at assembly, along with a school badge. When a student has earned 18 red cards (1 Silver Award + 3 Bronze Awards) they will receive a Gold Award, a gold badge and a special lunch of their choice (eg McDonalds, KFC etc) with the Principal. When a student has earned 27 red cards (1 Gold Award + 3 Bronze Awards) they will receive a Platinum Award and will be Principal for the day. 



Consequences for disobeying school codes of conduct